One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor

Happy Tuesday, people. Now, I am in no way a tequila drinker. I actually cannot even stand the smell. I think I am the only 20-something that doesn’t want to “go do margs”. I would rather watch the history of golf than sit through that. But, margaritas are very popular- and betches love patron; at least that’s what T-pain said one time. 

So, because of all of you tequila addicts, I thought I would feature a margarita that looks extremely appealing- even to me


 I think along with this tequila drink we should have a small Spanish vocabulary lesson:

“Me gusta”- I like…

“Mas”– More

“Yo quiero cervesa.”– I want beer. (That is if you are a tequila-hater like me.)

Adios, muchachas. 



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